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LabView RT FTP file size limit

I have created a few very large AVI video clips on my PXIe-8135RT (LabView RT 2014).  When i try to download these from the controller's drive to a host laptop (Windows 7) with FileZilla, the transfer stops at 1GB (The file size is actually 10GB).


What's going on?  The file appears to be created correctly and I can even use AVI2 Open and AVI2 Get Info to see that the video file contains the frames I stored.  Reading up about LVRT, there is nothing but older information which claim the file size limit is 4GB, yet the file was created at 10GB using the AVI2 VIs.





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As usual, the answer was staring me right in the face.  FileZilla was reporting the size in an odd manner and the file was actually 1GB.  The vi I used was failing.  After fixing it, it failed at 2GB with error -1074395965 (AVI max file size reached).

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