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LabView Executable crash report caught by NIER

The executable crashed and displayed this error message. 

error 1026.png


I clicked the view report link, and it showed the following message.

10/25/2016 4:32:38.165 PM
Crash 0x00000000: Crash caught by NIER
File Unknown(0) : Crash 0x00000000: Crash caught by NIER
minidump id: 26ecdd43-977b-482b-b8dd-0ab0d36bac04
ExceptionCode: 0xE0434352

0x100011AB - nierInterface <unknown> + 0
0x10005E96 - nierInterface <unknown> + 0
0x1000621C - nierInterface <unknown> + 0
0x7C37FDB4 - MSVCR71 <unknown> + 0
0x750103AB - kernel32 <unknown> + 0
0x76F13B8F - ntdll <unknown> + 0
0x76ED97C5 - ntdll <unknown> + 0
0x00000000 - <unknown> <unknown> + 0


I don't understand what each line means. Some memory leak? Can anyone please help with it? Thanks very much. 


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You want to send that entire Error Report (found in your LabVIEW Data Folder) to NI Support.  These types of errors are frequently bugs problems somewhere inside LabVIEW, and the Developers might be able to find the source of the problem by looking at the compiled code.


Bob Schor

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Can you please tell me how to submit the error report to NI support? Thanks. 

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This may vary depending on where you are and how your LabVIEW is licensed.  What I do is go to and log in with my NI User Credentials (if you don't have an NI logon, it may help you to create one...).


Bob Schor

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