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LabView Cursor Double Display




Hello, I have been trying to troubleshoot this for a while and to no avail. What is the easiest way to get rid of this double drop down display for these values? I need it to stay single plot, so I cannot change it to free dragging. It's on a multiplot graph.

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Well, with the picture you sent me, I would use "White-out" and cover over the part of the picture I didn't want to see.  Note that this will not affect, in any way, the VI (or "code") that produced this picture.  Now, if you want suggestions about your code, you need to attach your code.


Bob Schor

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Hi Bob,


there is no “code” for me to attach. Any person who has any basic knowledge of Labview knows this is the automatic cursor legend Labview provides on their plots - so it’s not my code nor is it a code available to me, since it’s Labviews. My question obviously implied that I’m asking if there is a way to manipulate this in anyway and what is the most effective manner in doing so. Your passive aggressive sarcasm  is not appreciated nor was it called for. I’ll try the white out tip with your abrasive comment, though. Thanks !

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You could hide the cursor legend completely, and then use property nodes of the graph to get/set the cursor properties which you then put in another control with its appearance set to be whatever you like.


That would be a fair amount of effort to remove what seems to be just an unwanted appearance, so you might just want to decide that your time is best spent elsewhere.

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The code we need to help you is the VI that has this diagram attached.


Unfortunately your question isn't the clearest. For example, with no sample graphs attached, I'm not sure what you actually want. You have a picture with two cursors on it, and you say you want to get rid of it. What do you want to get rid of? Do you want to hide the cursor indicator? Only show one cursor, despite there being two plots? Have a single X value display two Y values?


The thing is, nobody wants to open LabVIEW, generate random data, put it in a plot, then figure out what you're trying to do. If you post some example code with some example data, we can try to help you, but right now it's hard to determine what it is you're actually trying to do.

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You have to understand that Bob's frustration comes from the fact your message really didn't provide any information about what you are looking for.


You asked for "What is the easiest way to get rid of this double drop down display for these values?"


What does "double drop down display" mean?


I think you really should take the image you posted, use some virtual white-out by doing some editing in MS Paint and highlight what you are trying to get rid of, and post that.

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