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LabView 2017 Stopped Working for Excel Drives

For some strange reason my LabView 2017 stopped working, my Excel Drivers don't work anymore, the NI LabView examples can't be accessed and my LabView Professional Development System S/N # is show it to be "unregistered".  What could cause this? Yet my Licensing Messenger shows that I have a valid registered License.



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I Tried to re-install LabView 2017 and now everything is screwed up, my SN is rejected, my License is Rejected, now I have nothing...  What's going on here?

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There was nothing wrong with your license before you started. The Excel problem is very likely caused by your company upgrading your computer to Office 365. Microsoft somehow managed to break the ActiveX support that the LabVIEW interface is using when upgrading to Office 365. I have the same problem on my machine but don't use the Excel interface, so haven't bothered with it. 

Rolf Kalbermatter
Averna BV
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