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LabVIEWCLi -OperationName RunUnitTests Exit Code = 0

Is it possible for the LabVIEW CLI to exit with 0 (zero) when executing Unit Test even though one ore more of the units test fails. It is a challenge when executing a multi stage pipeline that is running on a repository. 


LabVIEWCLi -OperationName RunUnitTests ....

As I see it the LabVIEW CLi should only exit with a code different from zero if there is a Run Time error

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I found some information in KB that will be of use.


At the bottom of this page:


"Make sure that you are following the formatting in the Predefined Command Line Operations guide for the RunVI. A few things to remember:

  • The "Command line arguments for the VI" is a string array
  • The "CLI for LabVIEW exit code that the VI returns" will return either a 0, 2 or 3 depending on the circumstances. You will choose which value to output.
  • The "Output or error information to include in the CLI for LabVIEW console or log file" is a string"

Kind regards, 


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Hi Michael


In this case I am not in control of the return code because I am using a predefined command RunUnitTestsSmiley Wink

The Exit code from CLI should only be different from zero if there is a run time error, as I see it.

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Hi kjeld,

You can create the custom operation as mentioned here:

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Yes I know that the possibility is there to make a custom operation; which also can be the next step, but we would like to use as much tooling out of the box so we doesn't have maintain it.

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