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LabVIEW with Raspberry Pi 4

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@loc.nguyen wrote:


@Hooovahh: Please correct me if i'm misunderstood you, but what you suggested is:

1. Build a labview VI and publish it to a web page.

2. Make a web server on the Pi and put the webpage in there.

3. Use the web browser on the Pi to access this web page locally through localhost.


I would say this will not need an internet connection to work, and the server + accessing the webpage can work completely local, right? If so then this is actually a great idea!

You got some better replies but yes that was the high level what I was thinking, and it will work without the internet.  I was suggesting using a 3rd party (but open source) tool which makes a web page from a VI, and then uses Web Sockets to send data from a running VI to the page and back.  While the suggestion from NI and that blog, is to use Web Sockets to send data from a WebVI (currently NXG) to a running VI.  The 3rd party tool if it works means less development, but the WebVI is a more supported technology.  WebSockets being the an industry standard means you can really use whatever you want to send data back and forth.

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