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LabVIEW to control simoultaneously a camera and luxmeter (Minolta T-10A)

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Hi everyone


I'm totally new in the use of data acquisition software, but I found out I can use LabView to obtain continuous measurements (15-min intervals during 1 month or maybe more), the thing is that I need to obtain simoultanously images (Canon camera EOS) and Illuminance (lux) device: Minolta T-10A series multisensor T-10MA. My question is which LabVIEW software do I need to buy (or my institution actually) in order to get this. I've looking at the LabVIEW software options and cannot figure it out which one is needed. Afterwards I guess I need controllers for each of the devices (minolta and canon). Can you please advise me if this is possible and how to do it. I'd really appreciate it.



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You need the following:  Full LabVIEW, all the Device Drivers (including DAQmx and the Vision drivers), and the Vision Acquisition Software package.  


The Minolta luxometer has a USB connector for a PC, and has some communication software (which I haven't inspected) that, I would guess, would enable you to take readings.  There's a comment about current draw if the USB cable is connected -- I didn't check if there is a power connector on the luxometer (since you'll need to leave it connected for a month, same issue with the Camera).  As far as the Camera is concerned, I have no idea if this is controllable from a PC -- my experience has been with video cameras (in the 640 x 480 pixel size), which definitely are LabVIEW-controllable.


As for taking simultaneous readings, this is something LabVIEW does quite nicely.  I would advise you to consult with a Professional if this is something other than a school project, maybe even hire someone for a few week's work.


Bob Schor

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Thank you so much! Your reply gets me started! I've checked that there is an Academic License for LabView, I just requested information to make sure that includes the software and drivers that you are mentioning. I'll also make sure about the power connection issues in both devices.


Thanks again!



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Yes, the Academic Kits (which is what we use) contain everything you need.  You might want to consider waiting two weeks for LabVIEW 2016 ...


Bob Schor

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Thank you so much for your help! 🙂

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