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LabVIEW subscription model for 2022

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@AhmedEisawy wrote:



You're right, we have all the feedback we need from this thread, and hence, we're not asking for more feedback.

We're asking for more time for us to digest all the feedback and act on it. Hence, the change we made was unannounced.

It's a step forward, towards correcting previous decisions, but it's not enough. We plan on doing more and you'll hear about it this year.


For your question specifically, you don't need to call anyone.


You just go to the LabVIEW Select Edition page: 


Then, click on "Perpetual development licenses": 




It'll take you to the bottom of the page to request a quote:



Then, our sales development engineers will call you with a quote and offer you a discount. 

These discounts are approved by me so if you feel you need more, please reach out to me.


It still feels shady to me.

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I'm waiting for the price...🤔

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RFQ is no different than having to call someone.



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As I explained before, this is a temporary measure until we complete the work on our end and streamline the process.

We appreciate your patience with us a little longer.

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@thib_fr wrote:

I'm waiting for the price...🤔

We haven't got all the information, but I'll say the price for what I've seen was more reasonable than I thought it would be. I'm unsure of how much of that has to do with our history, or our previous SSP price. But I'm optimistic that our management will go for it.

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That's a good sign. I think what I'm curious about is whether NI will offer a competitive product vs .net + visual studio. If they can, then I might consider investing my professional development time into it again. 


Please join the conversation to keep LabVIEW relevant for future engineers. Price hikes plus SaaS model has many current engineers seriously concerned...

Read the Conversation Here, LabVIEW-subscription-model-for-2022
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Hi Ahmed,

I entered my information on the form for the permanent license quote, hit the "Submit" button and the page hangs. I'm using Safari web browser. Please have your web developers fix this.

Thank you!

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Hi Ahmed, 

Some of my peers suggested a pricing scheme tiered based on customer business size but there are two potential problems with that idea:

1. Might be illegal.

2. My former big-company employers weren't happy about the LabVIEW prices either.


I recommend checking with the NI legal department regarding pricing law.


And, I recommend checking with the accounting department to fine-tune prices vs. costs vs. profits vs. business strategy.


Also, I recommend surveying adjacent low-code and rapid development tool applications spaces to identify the feature set required to broaden the application market space for LabVIEW. Broadening the market space may increase revenue for supporting aggressive pricing and long term market share growth.


One strong advantage that LabVIEW has over most tools in the adjacent application spaces is a superior block diagram drawing environment. This offers advantages of higher productivity and superior ability to articulate designs.

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@Werner_Schwab  ha scritto:

Hello everyone, I can only agree. As a 1-person operation, I can't afford the new expensive licenses. Going back to a subscription or a license for (1 PC and 1 notebook, or so.) would be very desirable; or even better: with dongle or internet dongle, like other software suppliers do). LabVIEW (I've been working with it since v2.0) is a great tool for finding technical solutions.
On the subject of training: In my city Villach, Austria with e.g. INFINEON developer location, the local university of applied sciences has now also taken LabVIEW out of the curriculum - what a shame.
NI must react ........
Best regards



it's such a GOOD news!


keep going! dont turn back! 

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The best thing would be to roll back the subscription model alltogether;

Make everyone who is currently a subscriber an owner of a perpetual license and bring back the SSP instead.

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