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LabVIEW subscription model for 2022

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What should have happened in 2022 was that the subscription was added as an additional option with a price that is not more than about 150% of the SSP on year base and also offer short term subscriptions on a monthly base for people who want.

Instead perpetual licenses and SSP got sacked and the subscription was put in place at only marginally lower price than what the perpetual license was. Basically short term customers who just wanted to get on with LabVIEW for a single project and then abandon it anyhow, were incentivized since a single year subscription was somewhat cheaper than the initial perpetual license had been and long term users who had been paying yearly SSP prices because they believed in LabVIEW and believed that continuous support was worth something and NI should get some regular income to sustain its development, were heavily punished.

Very short term thinking! And this thread and some others have shown that it was VERY much not appreciated.

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@AeroSoul wrote:

but NI hasn't been the most logic inclined lately.

I'm inclined to agree.  However, since Emerson bought NI, I have seen a lot of small changes for the better.  I think NI has passed the inflection point (not the minimum) and things will start to really improve in the near future.

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@rolfk wrote:


Very short term thinking! And this thread and some others have shown that it was VERY much not appreciated.

Well if the goal was to pump up stock prices, to sell the company at an inflated price, then they were super successful.  They cut R&D projects, cut NXG, cut Mac support, cut the R&D team, several rounds of layoffs, have several high cost (but value) employees leave, raise hardware prices, outsource support and sales, cut support for user groups and FIRST (then sorta try to bringing them back), and also go the Adobe route and have subscription software, while raising the prices of that software.  NI's stock price shot up just in time to make a bunch of money, at the expense of our long term careers.  People have either retired early, looked into retirement options, or career changes away from NI and LabVIEW, because of you.


Thanks NI for partially rolling back the single worst decision you could have made for LabVIEW adoption.  For all the customers that have already migrated to other platforms, this change won't matter.  Maybe next time you want to make a decision where 10 out of 10 experts tell you not to do something, try to listen.  This is all things we told you about.  I personally had multiple meetings with NI telling them how what they were doing was suicide.  It was all that feedback you asked for then promptly ignored.  This would be more humorous if it wasn't the livelihood of so many people you were messing with.


I too want to see the price options, on the website.  I don't want a discount, and then call again for a larger discount.  I'm not here to haggle.  Tell me the price to pay.  If it is unreasonable we won't pay it.  We were a loyal paying customer just paying the SSP price every year indefinitely.  Now management wants nothing to do with NI.  I'm one of your few supporters here.  Should I be putting my reputation on the line defending NI?

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I totally agree...I don't want to haggle to get a decent price! I'm still using 2021, but have to deal with the "jumping lines" because NI wouldn't let me download SP1. I had an SSP until July 2022 but it would not show up on my account. Then our company got very busy and I forgot about it until it was too late. I don't think I'll upgrade anytime soon, still a little ticked over the whole ordeal. Everything going to subscriptions is basically a money grab from all these companies.

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NI should be calling and offering discounts for everyone who got hosed with this decision. "Thanks for the feedback"... you got this feedback BEFORE you made this decision. Now that actual sales plummeted, "Ah, great feedback thanks!"


It's very clear the previous NI management did NOT consider feedback from anyone. New NI management... you have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to apologize and make it right to the people that got hurt by this decision. Do it right, and you get allies for life. Do it wrong, and you won't recover until the entire generation of users retires and forgets about this. You could lose a few bucks now on SSP discounts, or you could lose a ton of money from people not renewing or subscribing at all.


For a reference point, my company is currently reupping our Solidworks license (a 3D CAD program for those unfamiliar). They offer both perpetual and subscription licenses. For our small number of seats, the subscription cost was $X,XXX. Perpetual cost was $XX,XXX. The payoff for subscription vs perpetual was that we'd pay less for the subscription for around 7 years before the prices met.


Management didn't even care to look at subscription prices. They decided in moments that an order of magnitude higher upfront cost, and a higher cost that wouldn't pay out for seven years was preferable to being locked into a subscription. That's how much they dislike subscription options.


Adobe can swing their weight around like this because they're so deeply entrenched into their industry that many people's choices were "take it or find another job". LabVIEW is nowhere near popular or large enough to do that.


Emerson, a lot of people took a big career hit from previous management's profit-seeking decisions. Please, try to make it right with everyone.

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Nice change but bit too late imho, unless we see some big new features comming in.

From my perspective:

- we had active VLA and were ok with yearly SSP

- information about new model came in and we declined & frozen at 2021

- invested into learning .net and bought related software

My bosses for sure would not apprve nor understand if i recommended VLA again. We might be interested in few licenses in the future if big features for us like .net core support are avaliable for LV & TestSTand. Making prices avaliable up front on web page would also help.

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You may get customers back, but they will be as loyal as NI was to them. Goodwill, once lost, is almost impossible to get back.
A lot of people are very, VERY salty about this -- not just me. We talk to each other and NI is not in anyone's good graces and won't be for awhile. 

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The only chance they have, IMHO, is to try to differentiate previous NI management's decisions from Emerson's decisions. That's going to be a really long road though...

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I will leave my license frozen at 2022, unless I see some dramatic growth in the machine vision module.  In part because I'm suspicious that I'll end up holding the bag for something in the fine print, and in part because if they don't update the machine vision module, there is no reason to move on to the next gen of Labview.

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This is exactly the feedback we need and we really appreciate you all taking the time to share with us. Any business could make mistakes that should be used as learning. What’s unacceptable is to repeat the same mistake.


We continue to hear your feedback and brainstorm potential solutions and continue to do limited experiments to optimize the next steps. 

Thank you again for this invaluable partnership!

Ahmed Eisawy | Director of Test Software Commercialization | +1 (503) 453-9178 |
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