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LabVIEW siemens simotion d425

I have a project need use labVIEW to control siemens simotion D425,Can you tell me how to do and  have the  tutorial.?

Thank you very much!


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As I see you did not get answer for your previous post in November, so you decided to create a new post with the same question?


I think there is no such a tutorial, so probably you need to do some more effort to figure this out yourself. First you need to specify the communication protocol (at hardware and also at software level) you wish to use between your LabVIEW and the Siemens side. There might be different ways to do this, but you have to do the research about it. Check your device specifications and manuals, what kind of interfaces are available. Ethernet? Profibus? Something else? Does your manual provide some method/protocol to control this Siemens product? Did you contact Siemens for support?

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