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LabVIEW locking up from entering text in VISA address

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When attempting to either enter text in a "constant" for the VISA address input for VISA-Open-Session in the block diagram or select the pull-down on the VISA address control on the Front Panel, the entire Labview application locks up. The only way to clear it is to "kill" Labview with the Windows tast manager. I have tried rebooting the host PC, and that did not resolve the problem.

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How long do you wait before calling it locked up? LabVIEW tries to populate the visa control when you expand the drop down and sometimes it gives the appearance of being frozen
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Accepted by topic author MarkMaryland
08-27-2015 04:09 PM

Does MAX see VISA Resources?

If not you may have a corrupt MAX database or a bad VISA install

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There does seem to be a MAX database problem that has cropped up for some unknown reason. I am investigating the solution from the link you provided. Thank you.

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