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LabVIEW interface with Agilent 34410A


I am trying to measure high value resistance (range: KOhm - MOhm) using Agilent 34410A. My purpose is to record resistance values live via graph/chart using LabVIEW interface. I am new to this technique. Could someone help me out with this?



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I think that instrument comes pre-installed with LabVIEW. You can navigate in the functions palette to Instrument I/O >> Instrument Drivers >> Agilent 34401. You can open the VI Tree or go to Help >> Find Examples... and search for "Agilent" and you will find some examples of how to use the drivers. The general usage is usually "Open" >> "Do Stuff" >> "Close". 


For instruments that you don't already have drivers for you can search for LabVIEW 3rd Party Drivers


If you are having trouble connecting to your instrument it is best to troubleshoot using NI MAX until you verify that you can communicate with it.

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The 34410A he has should work fine with the 34401 drivers that are pre-installed.  The examples setup the DMM and then log data to a graph just like the OP wants to do.  


EDIT:  Just a note that when you're searching for Agilent stuff don't forget that they're now called Keysight Technologies.  BUT, some of the old drivers may be still be under their old name Hewlett-Packard.  Smiley Frustrated

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If you can't locate drivers, your other option is to send commands using VISA.  The manuals should contain a full listing of commands with accepted parameter values.

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