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LabVIEW equivalent of Array[i].ClusterElement = Value

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I have an array of clusters, which are composed of mixed data types (booleans, numeric, string controls). I would like to write a value to a particular cluster element of a particular array member.


If I right-click on that element and then create a writable property by going to Create->Property Node->Value then for some reason it always refers to the first array element even though I made the property node from, let's say, 4th element.


So how do I write to a particular place in my data structure? In other words, what would be an equivalent of C's assignment operator Array[i].ClusterElement = Value ?

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Use an In-Place Element Structure to index the array element. Bundle in the value to the element you want to replace. This could be a SubVI. You could build a SubVI for each cluster element or look into creating a Polymorphic VI.


Index Array of Clusters.png

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Thanks a lot, pangvady. I though I would have to use references and "To More Specific Class" operators, but it turned out to be much easier.

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