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LabVIEW cant find camera -Error -1074360311 occurred at IMAQdx Open

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I built a simple program that connects to a camera and display the image. The session in is always blank, and the camera is missing in the NI-MAX "devices and interface". I turn off the firewall, reinstall the IMAQdx (I search on the internet what to do), but still nothing works. I have attached the block diagram with the error.


I use THOR LABS camera DCC1645c-HQ.


Thanks for any help.

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If MAX can't see the camera, then neither can LabVIEW.  Not every camera is "visible" to IMAQdx, but many cameras that support the GenICam standard should show up (though you might need to remove/disable any vendor-supplied drivers).


A quick glance through a downloaded manual suggests that ThorLabs supplies their own drivers.  If so, you will not be able to use the camera with LabVIEW until you remove the ThorLab drivers and install the IMAQdx drivers (and get MAX to connect).  In this mode, you will not be able to use any of the ThorLab software, but will (of course) be able to write your own software, from scratch, with LabVIEW and IMAQdx.


Bob Schor

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Dear Bob Schor,


Thank you for the respond. 

I deleted ThorLab folder that contain the LabVIEW drivers and I uninstalled the ThorCam software, but still NI-MAX doesn't recognize the camera.

Do you have any suggestion how can the camera be recognize by NI-MAX?


Thank you.


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Here is my code notes, from a project that uses a Thorlabs camera:

2020-12-24 14_49_33-LHR Block Diagram on Solar Tracker.lvproj_My Computer.png

I would guess you haven't used this utility to enable DirectShow for your camera (DirectShow is a standard driver spec that IMAQdx understands).

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Dear drjdpowell,


Thank you for responding quickly!


NI-MAX recognize the camera thanks to you!


But I still getting an error when I try to run my program in LabVIEW. I have attached the error massage, and NI-MAX recognition.


If you can help me again with the problem it will be great.


Thank you.


LabVIEW_Error massage.png


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Accepted by Sagiv
  • Please do not send VIs as .pngs, but attach them as .VI files (so we can examine them, edit them, even run them).
  • You show a figure (again, very hard to see, it is so tiny on my screen) of a screen shot from MAX.  Did you do a Grab or a Snap?  If you do a Snap (a single image) and "zoom to fit" (right-click on Image Window), do you get something that seems reasonable to you?
  • Try running IMAQdx Enumerate Cameras.  Capture the Camera Information Array and post it.  [The way I'd recommend you do this is to write a very small VI that looks like this:Camera Info.png.  After you run it, go to the Front Panel, expand the Array if necessary so we can see all the entries, click "Edit" on the Menu Bar, and choose "Make Current Values Default".  This will leave the Array populated when you close this VI.  Attach this tiny VI to your reply -- when we open it, we'll be able to clearly read the information IMAQdx is returning about your cameras.

Bob Schor

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Thank you very much for the respond. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

Yes, I get a video and image of the camera in MAX.

I press "Make Current Values Default", and I attached all the VIs files that needed.


Thank you.

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Accepted by Sagiv

Thank you for responding to my first and third point.  You failed to respond to the second, but the code you attached answered the question for me -- you do a Grab (acquire a video), yet the code you attach captures a single Image (acting as a Snap.


Did you read the Help for IMAQdx Grab2?  "Acquires the most current frame into Image Out. Call this VI only after calling IMAQdx Configure"


Do you see, spelled out plainly in the Help, what you failed to do in your code?  It might fix things ...


On the other hand, if you only want a single .jpg Image, do consider using Snap instead of Grab.


Bob Schor

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Accepted by Sagiv

Thank you very much sir for your time and help! LabVIEW reads my camera, and everything works fine thanks to you.

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