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LabVIEW build popups blacked out

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i would like to ask if somebody met with the issue "LabVIEW windows blacked out". What I mean? Please see pictures.


While building exe (approx 15 min), after 10 min of building the build window blacked out, just the menu and the progress bar had colors.
After build was done i have clicked somewhere the "Done" button should be and blindly closed the project.


I am using: Win10, LabVIEW 2016. Project is a bit huge with 2800 files, used actor framework.


There was some similar issue a lot of years ago:


Thank you.

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Try modifying the LabVIEW.ini file


1. Locate LabVIEW.ini . This should be in the same directory  that LabVIEW was installed in. Alternatively, you can search for LabVIEW.ini in the Windows search box. 
2. Open the file with notepad (may have to run notepad as administrator). 
3. Add the line "menubar.background=d4d4d4" without quotes.
4. Hit save.
5. Try running LabVIEW normally and see if there are any improvements.


Octavio S.

Applications Engineer

National Instruments





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Finally the "menubar.background=d4d4d4" helped. Now the BG is different but not blacked out.

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Did anyone mess with the colors or themes within Windows?  In older versions of windows, you used to be able to individual control the colors and fonts of many different aspects of the Windows system properties.  Menu color and dialog color I believe were among them.  I'm not sure it is possible on Windows 10.  Windows 10 moved a lot of settings around from where they used to be in Win7 and WinXP days.  I know you can play with themes, but I don't know if you can still have control over the individual Windows elements.

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I know it's a bit late, but maybe it will help someone else 😉

If you have a really large application with a lot of SUB-Vis you will have too many GDI Objects in your project. Here is the solution how to modify your Win10! Follow the links or execute the attached .reg file.



Best Claude

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