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LabVIEW, Wii Remote & PIC


I downloaded a program that allows me to get the data sends a wii remote to labview in this page, I would like to know how I can send that data as the rotation of the wii remote, etc. to a pic 18F2550 via a bluetooth module hc-06.

The connection would be basically between the Wii remote, with labview computer via bluetooth. And then between labview and Bluetooth module and pic.
I hope someone can answer me. Thank you.

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Hello nata13,


I suggest you to check our bluetooth functions in LabVIEW, I'm sharing with you the following document, witch includes information of basic VIs with our bluetooth functions:


Developing Bluetooth Applications with LabVIEW


Also I suggest you to check the example at the NI Example Finder (LabVIEW/Help/Find Examples) named "Simple Bluetooth". this project is ready to run and also has documentation of each part of the code.


With this modules you should be able to communicate with any bluetooth device, you will need to check chat commands you will use with your Microcontroller.


Greetings and hope you find this information useful.


Guillermo O.

National Instruments

Guillermo O.
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