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LabVIEW Video Waveform Source from Video Test Image for Multisim simulation



I want to simulate a video amplifier circuit in Multisim. I need a Composite Video Signal Source for feeding the input to the amplifier. In one of the application note I saw that LabVIEW can be used to create Video Waveform Source from Video Test Image (BMP). I've attached the sheet for reference. My questions are below:


1. Do I need to create the Video Signal Source in LabVIEW or is it already available with LabVIEW library?

2. How to call/access this Video Signal Source from LabVIEW for simulation in Multisim?

3. Any examples available?

4. Which versions of LabVIEW and Multisim supports this feature?


Any help is truly appreciated.


(Topic of the Application Note: Circuit Design Using Simulation and Virtual Instrumentation, Applications in Biomedical Engineering)




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