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LabVIEW VI for CyberGlove



I'm not familiar with the cybergolve specifically but most devices that use RS232 will include a command set in their manual.  Typically these are just ASCII commands and their expected resonses.  If this is not available in the device manual you would need to contact the manufacture of the CyberGlove to get these codes. 


If there are DLLs for the CyberGlove you can call these from LabVIEW using a call library function node.  This may help you get data from the glove without knowing the actual command set.




Sam K

Applications Engineer

National Instruments

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Hello Rob.


I am terribly sorry, but I did not notice your post until now 😞 .

Just in case it is still of any use to you, I attached my VI that I use to collect data from the CyberGlove. This VI also collects EMG data - you can obviously simply ignore that part.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.




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