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LabVIEW TCP connection with server pressing a button.

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Hi, I'm Engineering student


I'm doing my final degree project and I have a problem.


In my application, I have a server implements in Arduino with ESP32. It run ok continuosly.


The client is implement in LabVIEW. This is the application:


1. I create a TCP connection.

2. I send a frame with information to the server.

3. The client wait the server response.

4. When the information from server is received in the client, I process that.

5. Them, close the conection. (The server is listening another client connection).

** 6. Press a button for start step 1.


I want a button that start the application, without abor the execution. I'm new in LabVIEW and I don't know how to do it, and I can't find any example.


Please, help and thank's.

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You learned pieces of LabVIEW, but not much about designing with LabVIEW.  What I think you need is a high-level design like a State Machine or a Queued Message Handler.  The LabVIEW Tools Network has the JKI State Machine, which is pretty "user-friendly", and NI has the Queued Message Handler (I think you can find it if you choose "New Project" when you open LabVIEW), which is a little more challenging, but pretty well documented.


Do you know about Event Structures and Event Loops, designed to "listen for" and "respond to" Button Presses (among other things)?  If not, look them up (LabVIEW Help, the Web, your Instructor, your fellow students).


Bob Schor

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Thank's for the answer, Finally I did it using an state machine.

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