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LabVIEW Softmotion - Error -70233

I'm actually working on a simulation with LabVIEW and SolidWorks. I want to use SoftMotion to control two step motors in SolidWorks. The problem is, I get an error the first time I launch the vi to control the step motors with a coordinate space. The error is right after the "Clears Softmotion faults, errors, warnings" vi. Here is the error I get :

"Error -70233 occurred at Property Node in>Prueba"

Possible reason(s):
Motion:  The specified resource was not found. Verify that the resource input is correctly wired, that the resource is deployed, and that all resources used in the operation are on the same target."


The name of the cnc cad, in the folder, is SketchX Printer. I use SW 2018 and LV 2017.

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Hi, Micaela


Are you still getting this error?


Gabriel Coutrin
Technical Support Engineering
National Instruments Brazil

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