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LabVIEW + RedHat + SPDIF suggestions wanted

Hello Alll,


I need to setup a new RedHat system with LabView to analyze digital audio.


My past expirence with linux and sound has taught me to test the water before diving in.  So can anyone who has used SPDIF in RedHat/LabVIEW suggest a card which worked out well.

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Could you give us more details about your proposed solution to help guide the most appropriate response? Specifically, what type of card are you referring to and what type of budget are we working with. Are you thinking about a low cost sound card or a solution, a PCI based card for a desktop, or a a PXI card targeted for a chassis? Are there precision and accuracy requirements involved? Are optical connectors involved or will you need RCA style connectors? Any additional details you can give will help narrow down the field of potential devices that can be recommended.

Jeff L
National Instruments
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I suppose I should backup and ask: Is it actually possible to use the LabView built in sound vi's to capture digital audio, or does it only work for analog channels?  EDIT: I am aware that I could probably use a sound card, arecord, and a pipe if I wanted to.


I am looking for a PCI-express sound card, although I would settle for USB.

There isn't a budget, but less than $2500 total would be good.

There are no time precession requirements.

No optics. RCA or BNC only.


Also note that I have another thread right now to explore alternative spdif capture methods besides a sound card, there it was suggested I use the AudioMASTER suite.


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The detailed help files indicate that the native sound VIs work through DirectX, or in your case the Open Sound System, drivers. This implies that the sound card driver would perform all the capture and provide LabVIEW with a waveform that could be analyzed:


Detailed Help: Sound Input Configure


I think the main thing to focus on would be a sound card that has verified OSS support for Red Hat..



Jeff L
National Instruments
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What sort of test do you want to do? The Audiomaster will provide low level details on the digital stream. This of course is not compatible with Linux, as far as I know but it is very capable software and hardware. When I was testing the S/PDIF output of a satellite receiver, if I remember correctly, all we did was a simple frequency measurement with a DAQ card that verified the presence of a signal. It sounds like you might be trying to pass it to a sound card? Then what? 

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For some reason I was operating under the assumption that the LabVIEW builtin sound functions didn't support digital audio.  Is this not true?



I dont need low level details about the digital stream, I only need the audio stream itself.  What I need to do with the stream after its captured is well within the standard LabVIEW function set.

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If the sound card uses the supported drivers, it may not matter about the source. I've seen audio cards with multiple inputs but I've not used any and I no longer have access to S/PDIF audio.

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