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LabVIEW Real-time: class private data accessors as property nodes

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Dear NI community,


let me, please, ask you a dummy question - do class accessors work on real-time system via property nodes? I except that they should, b/c it's not property node to the control, it's property node for private class data access, but anyway... Or they do not work with RT system?


Thank you very much in advance,


Sincerely, kosist90.

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Accepted by topic author kosist90
02-02-2018 04:17 AM

I use classes on RT. I use accessors to access data within those classes. I am pretty sure I can use property nodes to access the data, as long as I configured the accessor correctly when I created it (there is a check box to enable property nodes in the create accessor dialog).


To be honest though, I tend to use the accessor vi's instead. I think they look pretty neat. Plus, it is rare that I need to access multiple class data at the same moment in a block diagram (which property nodes allow).

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