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LabVIEW Real-Time and Remote Front Panel MemoryManager.cpp line 437 error

Hi all,


I'm using a smartcamera (NI 1742) with LabVIEW Real-Time 8.6.

When I look at the Front Panel with the web browser and I close the browser or I Stop the executable, I always get this error: MemoryManager.cpp line 437. I've checked if someone else had this error, but I guess I'm the only person who got this error. I saw someone who had the MemoryManager.cpp line 406, but mine isn't on this line.


The application works well, but when I got the error, I need to reboot the smartcam to get it works. In my application, I use the Modbus library and I read/write binary file in the hard disk of the smartcam....


Anyone knows the solution?



Thank you very much



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Hi again,


Still didn't find the problem on my side. Here's a picture of my code. If I put the code surrended in red at place (1), I don't get the error, but if I put the code at place (2), I get the error. Why oh why....?


I get the error when I close the browser or click Back button of the browser or Stop the application with the red dot or stop the application with the Quit button on my front panel.


This morning I found a post on this forum about getting an error using Property node and Remote panel ( I did what they suggest: wire the property output to an indicator and it works (disable "Enable automatic error handling dialod" didn't work... I don't know why)... until I put extra code in my VI. 


I really need help please!


Thank you




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Hi Stephanie!


In the bottom loop, you are trying to read and write to the "Value" of "Product List" (when the red code is placed in (2) ).  If you use error handling to force the read and write to happen in sequence, does the error occur?

Chris Bolin
LabVIEW Partner Program, CLA
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I am having exacly the same problem when closing the Remote panel to an application running on a cRIO-9012


Fatal Internal Error: "MemoryManager.cpp", line 437

LabVIEW version 8.6... 


Sometimes even when closing the panel locks up the controller and have to power cycle.....


Arturo Q.

Slider LLC 

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Hi Arturo,


Here's what the NI engineer answered me:


"The bug that you found was filed under Corrective Action Request (CAR) #127044 and is currently being evaluated by R&D.  I would suggest that you keep an eye out for future releases of LabVIEW   Real-Time.  The Readme that accompanies these downloads contains a list of CAR #s that have been addressed by the release."


I guess we need to be patient and wait for a solution...




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Hello everyone,


I'd like to expand on Stephanie's post from the NI engineer.


LabVIEW R&D is very aware of this issue and we have given it priority for the future release of LabVIEW. I thank you for your patience while we get this fixed in the tested and validated release version of LabVIEW.


While we understand the severity of the problem in that it crashes the remote front panel viewer's web browser, we have not seen it crash the code on the controller. If you are experiencing this problem, as Arturo Q has stated, please create a service request with your local Applications Engineering Department and reference this discussion forum post. We will reproduce, troubleshoot, and resolve your issue on an individual basis.



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| Michael K | Project Manager | LabVIEW R&D | National Instruments |

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Just ran into a different situation where I'm getting this same fatal-error message:


Base-Deployment licensed TestStand 4.0, Labview 8.6 compiled VI (on my development platform the VI has no error, using the "Deploy TestStand System" tool to get to the deployed machine).


The odd thing is that unlike some of the cases of this error that I've dug up on the web, this VI is very trivial - reads the entirety of 2 specified .bin files (small ones too, 10~100kB), concatenates the data, and then writes a new .bin file with the concatenated data.  It is only this VI amongst many which has any error, unfortunately this crashes not only labview but TestStand, in the last few minutes of a 6hr test.

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Hi Rob,


This CAR is fixed in LabVIEW 8.6.1. I recommend upgrading to that version.



| Michael K | Project Manager | LabVIEW R&D | National Instruments |

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