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The company I work for had an SSP subscription from LV 8.6 until late in 2018 for the Pro Development system, yet when I install LabVIEW 2016, it installs as a 'Full Development system', and shows the pro version is for evaluation only.  


I don't think I have installed 2016 before, but it was still licensed.


I don't understand why this is, can anyone help me out here?

metzler CLAD
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Some error in the License Manager?


What if you go into NI License Manager and enter your serial number for LabVIEW2016 for the Professional Development System.


By the way, I find the option in NI License Manager to check your account and activate software listed there just doesn't work right.  I always have to manually enter the serial numbers for my various packages.

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Okay, I updated license manager to 4.7, right click the professional development system, and press activate.  I log in to my NI account, and get the warning 'Your account is not yet confirmed.  You must confirm your email address before continuing', but I didn't get an email.  

This may be what you were talking about that doesn't work.  


How do I manually enter the serial numbers for the various packages?  From license manager?

metzler CLAD
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Click the unlicensed software then click Activate Software at the top.


A black dialog box pops up.  Pick Enter a Serial Number from the dropdown box.


Enter the serial number next to the items you want to activate and press Activate.

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Thanks for the advice.


When I click 'activate software' at the top, it requests me to 'Log in to Activate', then a NI User Account window opens for my email and password.  


After entering, I get a message that my 'account has not yet been confirmed.  You must confirm your email address before continuing.'  This is odd, since I have received emails from NI at this address.


I have checked with the IT department and no emails have been quarantined and no emails in my junk folder. 

metzler CLAD
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Contact your NI sales representative.


Something might not be working on their end.

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What appears to work in some cases is if you log into your account through a browser (I don't know if you need to keep the browser open, but it couldn't hurt), then try to activate.  I guess the theory is that you have created a connection with your account and the activation software sees it.

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Thanks everyone for the help.  I think the problem was I never received a confirmation email.

What I did was go the NI product activation page, enter my information, and it gave me an activation code.

I then disconnected the computer from the internet, opened NI license manager, and it asked for the activation code since there was no internet connection.  

Now it show I am licensed for both Full and Professional versions, which is fine with me.  



metzler CLAD
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