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LabVIEW Packed Project Libraries

I am using LabVIEW packed libraries for quite some time now. There is one thing I am not unable to wrap my head around.

My setup has a number of interfaces such DIO, AIO and such. Each of this interface is implemented through their individual LabVIEW library. I am distributing the interface application as a packed library that user can call in his/her script.

This time I created a single LabVIEW projects and added the LVLIBs under that and create packed library build for each. 
After the build was done, I removed all the libraries. When there was some change requested, I just updated and moved the source code of only that interface lets say AI.

Now when I am trying to build this, the LabVIEW project still throws an error saying that the other LVLIBs are missing which are DIO and AO. I know this a valid error when you are building one executable. 

But I am not sure why LabVIEW needs to see the other libraries which in fact does not depend on each other. I want to understand the thought process behind this when everything is independent. It is quite irritating!




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Sounds like a process issue.  What I do is have a project just for maintaining the PPL sources and building the PPLs.  Your main project should then call out the PPLs.  I have a feeling your code is still referencing VIs that were in the lvlib and not the lvlibp like they should be.

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Well, my project is exactly the way you mentioned. The problem was even if one project library was broken, LabVIEW was not allowing me to build packed library for other lvlib. I had remove the broken lvlib and then build the required packed library even though they were not dependent upon one another.

There might be some unresolved dependencies which I need to find out and ensure they are no more there.


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