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LabVIEW, OpenCV and EMGU - Crash on window resize

Hello all,

 I am trying to integrate OpenCV and the EMGU Wrapper with LabVIEW. I have managed to get video running in the front panel, however, LabVIEW crashes when ever I try to resize the front panel.

Playing the video on EMGU's native ImageBox doesn't crash LV.

What am I missing?

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There're a lot of things that could be the cause of this crash you're seeing. To narrow down on what it could be so that you can quickly resolve it, I'd follow this KB

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Thanks, but there are too many layers here (LV, EmguCV, the .NET CLR and OpenCV) for me to examine and try to find the root cause. My "Solution" is to use the .NET picture box instead.

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