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LabVIEW OPC UA Toolkit - Error -356612

I might have missed something completely fundamental, but I can't get my OPC UA Toolkit server working. I have followed the steps outlined here:

But still, I keep receiving the error Error -356612 occurred at NI OPC UA whenever I stop the SubVIs that try to read and write to/from the server. I have made sure that the Server Endpoint URL and Item Node Id matches all 3 VIs, but still no avail.




I am trying something as simple as generating values, which are sent to the UA server, which can then be read from the Read VI. The 2 SubVIs are set Basic256 security (signed), which should be no issue for the server since it has all policies accepted.

Are there some settings outside of LabVIEW I need to adjust? I tried doing some Windows7 firewall port forwarding for OPC UA, etc. but still nothing.

Any thoughts?

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I don't know the OPC UA toolkit but I suggest you post your code


You have the error when you stop the subvis. Does that mean before you stop them it's working ?


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Hey! Yes and no. When I start up the VIs themselves, there are no errors. But at the same time, the VI that reads from the UA server does not indicate any value (remains 0). The error refers to an error in communication between the server and the clients, and so I believe there are just some general settings missing. The code is almost identical to the one from the tutorials linked, I attached the 3 VIs + the VI generating data (which would later be substituted for a DAQ VI). Thanks.

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I should have asked before but can you save your code in an older version of LabVIEW (at least 2018 for me)? This way more people will be able to open your program. Thanks


You should modify your code to detect the error (all the errors) as soon as it happens. It's not good if you wait for a communication if the connection failed.


Unfortunately, even if I could see your code I don't have any experience with servers. Hopefully someone else will try and give you better advice



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Just look at the NodeID that you are giving in the clients to the OPC UA server and compare it to the NodeID that the server VI gives you. You have to give it the full name. Both the Namespace (ns) and the identifier. In yout case the namespace index is 2 and the identifier is a string (s). So the Node ID that you should enter is: 

ns=2;s=OPC Lab.Temperature

I assure you that if you add an indicator to the results connection in the OPC UA (multiple read or multpile write ) vis it would reply with: "Bad or unknown node ID."

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UA Expert is a free OPC UA client and allows you to easily view the Node ID and all parameters related to the OPC tag. 

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