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LabVIEW Measure Period of a waveform

Hello. I am doing measurements, specifically I measure current of a motor and record data in a csv file. I have a square wave signal on a dedicated pin where I can measure square wave that will give information of the speed. I am trying to measure directly period of the square wave in a LabVIEW so I don't need to calculate it in a software. But the problem is that I can only measure 1 period , but not continuously over the whole signal. I was trying to use NI Scope Multi Fetch Measurements I choose there Period but I can only record 1 period. Can you please help me . Thank you. I added part of the VI that is responsible for data acquisition

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Well you don't have a While Loop around your program. So it is only going to run once and exit.



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But when I extract the waveform components I don't need a loop. So, I put it in a loop, how I should wire it?


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