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LabVIEW Mac prompting me for dll's in conditional disable structure

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I'm using LabVIEW 2014 Mac and I have several conditional disable structures which call user32.dll but only in the Default case whereas they do nothing in the TARGET_TYPE=Mac case.  When loading my source code in LV Mac I get prompted to find "user32" and I have to Ignore All.  Afterwords the code is open with no errors.


It seems to be a bug that this prompt is occuring?  Is there a way to supress it?

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Accepted by Thomas_robertson

Hello Thomas,


It sounds like the user32.dll is being loaded along with your LabVIEW code on launch instead of being loaded when called. What you can do is encapsulate the function that is making the user32.dll call in a subVI (if you haven't already done this), right-click the subVI and go to Call Setup. From this window, choose Load and Retain on First Call. This should make sure the user32.dll is only loaded when you reach the Default case in your Conditional Disable structure, and not search for it every time the code is loaded into LabVIEW.


Hope this helps,

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That did the trick, thank you

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