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LabVIEW Executable Detects Windows Kiosk

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I am creating a LabVIEW executable that will be the sole application running on a Windows 10 computer in kiosk mode.  I would like to check that the computer is actually running in kiosk mode.  Does anyone know if that's possible?

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Then this isn't really a LabVIEW question... yet.  Step one is to figure out if you can do this at all.  Once you figure that out, then you can figure out if you can do it in LabVIEW (and we can assist you in setting it up).  It may require a .NET call or something, is my wild guess.

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did you found the way to execute a labview app .exe using windows kiosk mode?

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You can point kiosk mode to your LabVIEW exe.  I had specifically wanted to know if it's possible to detect kiosk mode.

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Calling of SHQueryUserNotificationState() should give you that information. If the returned value is anything else than "Accepts Notification" or "Quiet Time" then it would be in maximized mode (usually this would be "Busy").



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I finally got a chance to try that out and it worked.  Thanks.

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