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LabVIEW DSC Get Shared Variable List Error -1967362032

Colleague is using LabVIEW DSC and trying to use the Get Shared Variable List VI to return the list of variables inside the process running on another machine.


Distributed systems manager can see the Variables, they are deployed.


LabVIEW DSC Get Shared Variable List returns Error -1967362032 when trying to get the list.

The URL is formed properly with the IP address, etc.


Programmatic Shared Variable Open connection works.  Distributed Systems Manager can see the variable and process.  Programmatic access works to connect to a variable in the libray.


What fails is using this VI to try and get the list.


She did manage a work around using property nodes to return a list of all variables on the specified target - just hoping that this VI would work and simplify her code.


Is there any knowledge on this?


We have a work-around, so we're not dead in the water.

Ryan Vallieu CLA, CLED
Senior Systems Analyst II
NASA Ames Research Center
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