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LabVIEW DSC: Changing Alarm setpoints at runtime

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I'm working on a project that is using a modified version of the DSC SCADA demo project.


This framework uses a Server to launch shared variables that are bound to cRIO IO, and a Client connects and interacts with those variables. 


Changes to Alarms are expected to be made to the .csv file, and the Server must be restarted to reload the .csv and relaunch the variables. 


Currently, the server loads each of the cards on the cRIO as separate subsystems. 


My questions is, would it be possible to modify shared variable alarm setpoints from a dialogue on the Client without having to relaunch all of the shared variables? 


If I know the single variable I wish to change, is it possible to close the connection to just that one and relaunch it without effecting the rest of the variables in the subsystem?






Patrick Allen:
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Hi Pallen,


Shared variables can always be changed programmatically using property nodes. In fact, the DSC module gives more options with a special property node which can be found in the DSC pallet. In the Shared Variable pallet within the LabVIEW DSC pallet, you can find a constant called Shared Variable Constant. If you drop this shared variable on the block diagram, you can drop down the combo box and see all the shared variables in your project. If you right click on the output of the constant, you can selected Create -> Property for SharedVariableIO and you can browse the available properties, which includes alarming properties. You can also convert the shared variable constant to a control so it appears on the front panel. I believe you could use such a control to expose the shared variable properties to the user.

 Does that sound like a possible solution?

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Hi Austin,


Thanks for you reply!


This is exactly what I was looking for. 


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