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LabVIEW DLL to Linux RT

I am using crio 9035 RT to acquire data from micro epsilon Laser sensor (scan control 2900-100) by using their Library which I have attached below.

Since Crio 9035 is Linux OS it won’t support .dll file so I am trying to convert the dll file in the library (I have attached below) to .so file for shared variable in RT, but it wasn’t worked.

I have tried the conversion with the C\C++ ecplise compiler tool.

So my question is:

It’s possible to convert the .dll in the below library to .so file?

Is any other way to convert the below attached Library to .so file?

My ultimate aim is to use the library (below attachment) in Linux supported RT (Crio 9035)



Since The attachment is too large i have given the link to download the library file.


Waiting for the Reply, Thanks in advance.


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No, there's no way to convert a DLL to a Linux shared library. At the absolute minimum the library needs to be recompiled for the correct target, but most likely the library also calls into operating system functions, and those functions are not the same across different operating systems. The manufacturer would need to provide a Linux version of their library in order for you to be able to use it on the cRIO.

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Thank you @ nathand 


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FYI for anyone that might stumble across this older thread like I did...

Erin D.
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