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LabVIEW CLI doesn't work when called from Jenkins

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I've been struggling with getting my team moving with CI for the better part of a year now. I even managed to convince management to push an upgrade to LV2018 as was recommended to me here:


The good news is that I no longer receive the error 1039--hence the new thread. The bad news is that I receive highly inconsistent behavior. I have a simple test vi that checks the exec.state of an application launcher, reporting whether or not it is broken. I use the following command to do this:

labviewcli -Verbosity Diagnostic -OperationName RunVI -VIPath "c:\<path_to_vi>\" 

 This is successful when I command directly from a terminal about 85% of the time. When I use the exact same command as an Execute Windows batch command Build Step in Jenkins, I get an error -35000 returned about 85% of the time. Calling this directly from the terminal demonstrate VI Server connectivity is not the issue here but I'm at a loss. Any help here would greatly help my future sanity.


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One relevant delta occurs to me between the two scenarios presented: whereas manually keying the command into a terminal necessarily requires the operation to be conducted under my user account--which has an LV license associated with it--I have Jenkins configured to run as a service on the system account which does not have a license associated with it. As such, LV never starts when commanded by Jenkins--the -35000 error is indeed accurate but the returned error in this scenario could be made more precise or at the very minimum the Verbose option should indicate that LV never makes it past the registration screen.

Having Jenkins run as a service under an LV licensed user account does indeed allow Jenkins to execute the command successfully. 

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