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LabVIEW 7 + C# + Windows 7 DNCompInfo.dll Error?

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Hello @all!

I'm new to LabVIEW but couldn't find an answer to the problem I have since a few weeks.


I got a C-DLL written or created in LabVIEW 7 from a supplier. He also sent us a C-Sample project how to access the DLL. The C-Sample project works fine except the warning about a LoaderLock during accessing DNCompInfo.dll. This can be ignored and the sample code ends successful.


Now I tried to access the same DLL from C#:

Using Windows XP everything runs exactly the same as the C-Sample.

But if I use the same C# Code under Windows 7 the project always crashes! I tried realy everything I could find in the web. I dynamically loaded the DLL and also accessed it static. I wrote a wrapper-DLL around the C-Sample. I changed MDA of .NetFramework to 0 as described in a LabVIEW post. Everythings ends up with the same result: System.AccessViolation.

But I'm able to access the always present function in the LabVIEW DLL "LVDLLStatus".

Maybe I'm having a well known problem with LabVIEW Runtime 7.0 and Windows 7??? I don't know what else could be done to solve this problem and I would be very glad if someone could help me!


Thanks, Jochen!

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One question to all:


The supplier uses LabVIEW 7 and also recomands installing LabVIEW Runtime 7.0. Does this work on Windows 7 or is the problem located here???

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Windows 7 is officially supported from LV2009+, it might very well be the problem, yes.



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Hi Jochen the runtime installation is mandatory and there's maybe also a driver dependency. To be sure Win7 is the problem you should try to setup the same LabVIEW environment as on the WinXP PC.


Hope it helps



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Hello Christian,


the LabVIEW Environment is absolutely the same on both computers.

What driver could be the reason?



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Since you get SystemAccessError, could it be some UAC that's different in Win7 compared to XP? Try running code as administrator.


G# - Award winning reference based OOP for LV, for free! - Qestit VIPM GitHub

Qestit Systems
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We are using TwinCAT and therfore we have deactivated UAC on all computers so this can't be the reason.

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read and try this




even if it's just a warning under WinXP, maybe it leads to an exception under Win7



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I also tried this but this just suppresses the error message and ends in an System.AccessViolation under Windows 7.

I even tried to run the whole installtion process of the suppier (which also installs LabVIEW Runtime 7.0) as Administrator but this changes nothing.

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Accepted by topic author Jochen1980

Try it with a disabled DEP


bcdedit /set {current} nx AlwaysOff  



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