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LabVIEW 6i + Keithley KPCI488

Hi all,

I have a Keithley KPCI-488 GPIB card in a PC running Windows 98 SE.
The card is installed correctly using the supplied drivers. I can
connect to my Keithely SMU via the little test program shipped with
the driver package, that is.

Now here's the problem: How can I get this card running with LabVIEW
6i? I already got the 2 driver packages lvsupp.exe and cec488dr.exe
from the CEC website and installed both. Adding a new GBIP-device with
the measurement and automation explorer doesn't seem to work since in
the list of possible devices there's no entry for a CEC or Keithley card.

Any ideas or help is greatly appreciated! TIA,

Jochen Grebing

PS: Please note that I am a newby with LabVIEW and the GPIB stuff!

PPS: Does anybody
know how to get the GPIB card running with Windows 2000?

Research Group of Prof. E. Scheer - Mesoscopic Physics
Department of Physics - University of Konstanz, Germany

Universitaetsstr. 10 phone +49 7531 88 3866
D-78457 Konstanz, Germany fax +49 7531 88 3090
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If you refer to keithley website, it says there that "
National Instruments' Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX) will not detect the presence of non-NI hardware. It is not necessary for MAX to detect the card for successful operation of the Keithley GPIB cards from LabVIEW."

The IEEE 488 VI's are located in the functions palette >>Instrument I/O>> GPIB 488 and should work with your keithley(according to them).

here are are a few links in the NI-Developper Zone that should help you out:

Also check out your LabVIEW examples in Help>>examples>>I/O interfaces>>GPIB.


Cyril Bouton
ions Engineer
National Instruments
Cyril Bouton
Active LabVIEW Developper
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thanks a lot, I just got it working! The URL you provided seems to be
very informative, too, thanks again.



Jochen Grebing
- AG Scheer - Dpt. of Physics - University of Konstanz -
Universitaetsstr. 10 Tel. 07531 88 3866
D-78457 Konstanz Fax. 07531 88 3090
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