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LabVIEW 6.0 (English) with WindowsXP (German)

Until now (Win2000) I always used the English version of LabVIEW together with a German Version of MS-Windows. But when I tried to install LabVIEW 6.0 (English) with WindowsXP (German), I only got the error message:
Error 1322. A portion of the folder path " exeeds the length allowed by the system.

The installation of the German version of LabVIEW is no problem.

C. Wennmacher
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Ni does not officially support Labview 6.0 on XP. NI cannot guarantee it will work since it was not designed and tested for XP, especially with language cross-overs.
You can find a list of products compatible with Windows XP at:

However I would still try to follow the instructions recommended by the first link in similar items .

Cyril Bouton
Active LabVIEW Developper
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