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LabVIEW 2019 - Command line for installing Volume License Installer silently


Now I have successfully created the Volume License Installer for LabVIEW 2019 with the NI-VLM 3.2.

Which command line I have to use in a batch file to install this on the clients silently?


For LabVIEW2018, I used the following command:

start /wait " " setup.exe /q /acceptlicenses yes /r:n /applySpecFile %Specfilefolder% /disableNotificationCheck

(... where the variable '% Specfilefolder%' refers to the folder 'specfile' with the configuration file 'nisuite.xml')


The configuration file 'nisuite.xml' was created in the Windows Command Processor (cmd.exe) as follows:

setup.exe /acceptlicenses yes /r:n /generateSpecfile "specfile" /disableNotificationCheck



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I think with change to deploying by packages for NI Software command-line automation has not been ported/converted/created yet. I have a felling we will need SystemLink to do that previous functionality currently.

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