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LabVIEW 2017 Crashes

Today I started to have some weird problem with my environment. In about 5 hours I've got 36 crashes! How can I found the cause?

Michał Bieńkowski
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You could start by describing your problem in more than two sentences.

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Laconic because it crashes randomly, no consistent behavior. Some of the cases:

Build in quick drop W (connect nodes),

Saving VI,

Placing constant on the diagram,

Connecting error cluster to the VI,

Moving label on the diagram,

Placing build array on the diagram (with a quick drop),


As you can see nothing special.


In my project, I use a couple of classes (which based on my experience likes to make LV crash), math script node and a couple of formula nodes. I thought that formula nodes or math script might be a reason for crashes. So, I replaced formula nodes and surrounded math script with disable structure (so it should not be compiled). I cannot get rid of classes. After my changes problem does not disappear.


Can UseUnicode=True in LabVIEW INI be a problem? I was experimenting with this some time ago. But my problem appeared today. However, I had some label on the diagram and the text inside was in Polish. The first crash appeared when I moved this label and the VI, inside I move it, was empty.


After today's battle with LV2017 I moved with my work to freshly installed LV2018 (no playing with LabVIEW INI) and the label, I mentioned, was definitely wrongly rendered (the text goes outside the label frame). I was able to work normally with the same code.


Michał Bieńkowski
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