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LabVIEW 2016 crashes when I try to unload my dll. HELP!

Hello everyone, I am attempting to load and unload my dll and for unknown reasons LabVIEW appears to randomly crash. Any ideas how I can debug this, any help is appreciated. I have included the vi and the dll file.  If there is another thread that I missed I apologize in advance. 








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Sorry, I did not include the files. Here they are. 

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Dear torresh87,


did you fix your issue? I have trouble with a crashing LabVIEW in a totally different context of programming and LabVIEW-Revision. It is really complex and hard to explain - even to my colleagues. I searched a really log time...


But, watch out: my issue seems to correspond to the name VPT! At the moment i assume that this is a labview internal used abbreviation that is not handled correctly.


Hope to hear from you!



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Back in the days I was also struggling from LV crashing on a 3rd party DLL unload. Likely that library hasn't been debugged properly and some bug in the code was doing its evil things. But I needed it to work, so I found that I can call LoadLibrary from WinAPI in the program's initialization section and if I don't do FreeLibrary at the end, then everything works fine in both IDE and EXE variants. Of course, it required me to explicitly set all the CLFNs pathes to be specified on the diagram. Maybe you also could deal with your library in a such way?

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