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LabVIEW 2009 crash a lot

Call NI often so they are aware of the issues.


In my opinion, the newest versions 9 and 10 of LabVIEW try and do more in the background, and when a background task hangs waiting for user input that it did not display for example.  To reduce background tasks try mass compiling your LabVIEW 9 or 10 installation folder - overnight since it will take quite a while.  That way there will be less stuff left to do in the background.  If you add thrid party stuff, it might also benefit from a proactive mass compile.

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@CalLab wrote:

A small gripe while I am at it:  The new icon editor loses the quick copy and paste of the entire icon from one VI to another - the default control attention is on the text instead - text gets first attention in a drawing tool! After selecting an area, the keyboard arrow buttons don't move the area around requiring tedius single pixel precision mousing instead - this makes it difficult to adjust text and graphics carefully to be readable.  The new icon editor facilitates chosing from a list of pictures nicely but the loss of my favorite productivity features and the slow loading of the icon editor are a high price to pay.


I just saw this thread. 

I had been away from programming LV for a while.  Doing some work using LV2009SP1.  So far, it's stable.

I have to agree with you on the icon editor.  Cpoy & Paste are a pain!  Especially if what you copy has both test and image.  The multi-layers are also a pain.  There should be an option to use the old editor.  The new features will probably give the artist more flexibility, but when you are in a rush, you want the basics to work.. Copy.... then    paste...   Should be simple, right?


I might start a new thread on this topic..

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The Icon editor source code is writen in labview. No passwords on it. You can modify or remove it and replace with another subvi if needed. There are a couple modified versions out there with added features. I think has some icon editor downloads if you want to try them out.



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THanks pRoFiT,


I will have a look at it.  🙂

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