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LabVIEW 15 + Arduino serial error 5005 on Mac OS Sierra

Hello all - this is my first post!


Please be patient with me as I am very new to LabVIEW (having come from Python)...


I am attempting to get a an Arduino Uno data logger running on LabVIEW 15 on Mac OS Sierra (from a connected temperature transducer), see the attached screenshots. serial_block.jpgserial_front.jpg 

However I keep getting the infamous error code 5005. I have installed NI VISA 17.0 .dmg (though not received explicit confirmation of the installation). I am struggling to find an easy to follow solution on these forums.


Thanks a lot in advance for any help.



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I've found a knowledgebase article for error 5005 which seems like it will help you out:





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