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Lab view programming to control the printer

I agree with the others. Unless the printer interface is fully documented. It will be to much of a job to reverse engineer the printer interface. Have you asked your professor if he/she in some way have access to this documentation. If the answer is no. I think you should turn this project down. And get something else to do before it is to late. Or else I am afraid your project will be a quagmire for you. This is not uncommon in the "real world" that a project is stopped early in the pre-project phase. Because it turn out to be to expensive or complex. I am sure your professor is a reasonable person. If you can argue in a good manner. That your project is to complex. He/she will understand this 

Besides which, my opinion is that Express VIs Carthage must be destroyed deleted
(Sorry no Labview "brag list" so far)
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  I stumbled upon this post with the EFD Ultimus V high precision dispenser. I wrote the NI labview drivers for the Ultimus V dispenser, if you need any help getting your Ultimus V system up and running, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be more than willing to help you with your application.



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have you completed an integration with the nordson ultimus V and labview?



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Hi awoods2018,


Since this thread is more than 5 years old, I would recommend posting your question in a new thread to get more visibility. You can still reference this forum post so that people can see what had been talked about in the past!

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