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Lab view interface for an Oriel 18500 stepped motor.

I've have the task of controlling a Oriel 18500 Stepper Motor which is located in an Schwartz Electro-Optics  Titan-P Laser. The use of the motor will used to tune the laser. At present we tune it by hand by manipulating the motor. We want to control the tuning by PC keyboard or so to speak LabView.
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Hi John,


Here is a good document to get you started with this application. Fundamentals of Motion Control, Please let me know if you have any specific question. Also the is a very good resource for all the Hardware you will need for such an application. 


Thanks and have a great day. 


Esmail Hamdan | Applications Engineering | National Instruments 

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Hi John.

Did you resolve your issue? I am having the same problem right now. I want to controll an Oriell 18550 dual stepper motor but I have no clue. Do you have a manual for your instrument?

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