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Lab view control code for bottle filler


Just recently started working with Labview and I am using it as the control for a project. I have listed the purpose and components below.
If anyone has any tips, suggestions or set up for Labview that will control all or any of the below it would be appreciated.



Automatic bottle filler. Liquid to be inserted and 6 bottles to be in system.


  • 20Kg Load Cell
  • DC Geared Wiper Motor (24V)
  • Proximity Sensor
  • Labview DAQ
  • Water Valve

Process to be controlled via Labview

  • User loads 6 bottles into system, and begins process.
  • Control Speed of motor (PID Control)
  • Proximity Sensor used to define position of bottle and turn off the motor
  • Load cell detects mass of bottle plus liquid volume of water in bottle
  • Water Valve opens when load cell detects insufficient volume of liquid
  • Load cell continues to detect volume of liquid until set level is reached
  • Water valve closes when load cell detects volume has reached set level
  • Motor starts and repeats process with successive bottle
  • Information from above used to count when 6 bottles have been through the process and all contain the required volume of liquid. System off if true
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a state machine would be perfect for your application

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here's an example code...


bottle filler sim_FP.png


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Is this using SCADA(DSC module)? If not then can you please upload it?

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Did you actually look at the code???  Apok's example is just a simple state machine framework to explain to the original poster how to start his project.  It contains no code to actually move or sense the bottles position or weight.  There's nothing in it that interfaces to any hardware, SCADA or otherwise.


If you need a complete and operational system design based on the NI DSC module I suggest you post your request in the jobs forum or contact an NI representative for advice.  This forum is for helping people learn how to use LabVIEW.   Smiley Wink

LabVIEW 8.5.1 - 2019 Pro Dev
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