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LVLIBP linking troubles



I want to create that kind of packages organisation :


Arrows shows dependencies

I first create a project with resources code to build Resources.lvlibp.


Then I insert resources.lvlibp in the project with interface code and build Interface.lvlibp.

The result of building is :

- interface.lvlibp

- resources.lvlibp (new)


Then I create an other project with implement code and insert the 2 lvlibp just created.

When I insert interface.lvlibp, it tries to find resources.lvlibp at the phisical place it used to be in Interface project...

As long as a lvlibp is locked, it cannot save its new linkage and retries on every loadings...

It looks like linkage inside a lvlibp is absolute and it's a real problem because it looses all benefits...


Has anyboby met, and maybe solved, this situation?...


Thanx for your help




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I have seen strange things as well, however I think the following should work:


-Develop Resources


Create a distribution that puts Resources in user.lib


-Develop Interface, which depends on Resources inside user.lib


Create a distribution that puts Interface in user.lib


-Develop Implement, which depends on Resources and Interface inside user.lib


-Develop Main App depending on resources and Interface inside user.lib.




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I just tried...

When building interface.lvlibp, it tries to overwrite resources.lvlibp... So it crashes.

I moved resources directory of interface build in an other directory (build settings), then build works.

user.lib looks the following :

- resources.lvlibp

- mydll.dll (linked with resources.lvlibp)

- interface.lvlibp

- Res (interface.lvlibp resources folder)

    - resources.lvlibp

    - mydll.dll


But when I open implement project, there are many linking mistakes with resources.lvlibp, and interface.lvlibp becomes not executable.


I tried every combination of moving and deleting resources.lvlib, but unsuccessfully...


I must have missed something...


Any other idea?...


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2。将DLL添加到项目中。在构建规范中,选中Source File Settings下设置重命名文件”选项。这将防止任何链接问题(应该可以解决您提到的Linking problem)。


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