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LV2021 AF - Connector pane problems with Interfaces and Packed Libraries

Hello all,


I am currently trying to create a new modular test framework based on Plugin Architecture and Actor Framework. Therefore I am currently trying to create modules as packed libraries that are connected to each other via Messages and Interfaces.


Now I am currently struggling with loading those PPLs into a project. One of the problems that result is that the Method of an Actor is no longer executable after compilation with the error message "Connector panes are different".





I expected this to be caused by a differing connector pane with the related VI defined in its interface class but even after triple checking there is no difference except the class type.


Jenso_0-1663858182746.png in Interface class

Jenso_1-1663858231887.png in Actor class


I just cannot find the root cause for that and I would be very grateful if anyone has a hint.


In the attachment you can find a zip file with three projects. First two show the Module and its Interface project, which is then compiled to lvlibp files. The third one "DependencyChecker"

demonstrates the problem. When executing the TestEnv - General, an error will occur when starting the actor, that a vi is not executable, caused by different connector panes.


The project is running on LabVIEW 2021 64 Bit.


Thanks a lot in advance!

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