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LV2020 Flatten to String ignoring Prepend Size input?

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I'm not sure if I've stumbled into a bug or what.


In LabVIEW2020 it would seem the Flatten to String function is entirely ignoring the "Prepend Array or String Size" input and completely defaults to not including it, regardless of what is wired up (note the default behavior is documented as being set to TRUE).


Can I get another pair of eyes on this to let me know if I'm crazy or not?





I stumbled into this when a LabVIEW 2019 app sent me data over the network with the size prepended. When I went to unflatten, I got error 74: Memory or data structure corrupt. (Note the data did have size prepended from the 2019 flatten). While not depicted in my example, this tells me that the 2020 unflatten is also not adhering to the prepend size input.

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I tried it on a string and an array of strings and it seems to prepend correctly

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When inside the cluster or an array, the array and string sizes are always included.

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Please ignore me. I was writing an array and trying to read a single cluster.



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@skaley wrote:

Please ignore me. I was writing an array and trying to read a single cluster.



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