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LV2016 RT Creating startup with web services not working

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I have a working project on a cRIO-9113 with the following:

- a VI that's doing the work (waiting for user command to start a test, write to disk)

- a web service that gets the start command from a html page form via a REST command

- a that transfers the commands and responses between the two

Everything is working great when deploying from Labview Development. But when I want to create a standalone (startup) so the user does not need Labview to run the test, the communication is not working anymore. I can connect to the page, but when I start the test, nothing happens and the global variable does not change.


a) Is there anything I have to do to make global variables work?

b) Is there a better way to communicate between the web service and my VI?




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If your web service actually receives the command it should not be a problem passing this on with a global variable as long as the other VI, the one which start the test, is running and reading from the global variable.


Since it worked before it seems like the problem would be with constructing the standalone.

When given the url command you actually reach a page or do you get no page found? 

Perhaps this page can help you, ?


You can also try to right click the web service and go to App. Web Server->Manage Web Server go to configuration and select the port you selected in the build specification and then go to Web Services Management and make sure it is published. Also the standalone should publish the service so unpublish the one from the project and then try to run the standalone to make sure it is published from the right place.


Best regards




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Actually, I was able to access the site, I had already done most of what you suggested.

But knowing that it should work pointed me in the right direction: it was actually communicating, and I had a problem in the default value of a control that made it impossible to see that the web service part was working.

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