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LV2013 hangs on Resolve Load Conflict Dialog

I am also curious, are you are using source code control? specifically tortoise SVN?





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Yes, I'm using tortoise SVN and have the VSI TSVN tools installed also.

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Did you try to reproduce it in a VI which is included in a project? I forgot to mention that I had created a project also.

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I am also using TortoiseSVN and the VSI TSVN Toolkit.

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today this happened to me.

I tried to do a "Save as..." from project explorer. LabVIEW showed a loading dialog (...\resource\Framework\Providers\API\ and didn't return.


I have LabVIEW2013 (13.0f2), TSVN 1.8.4 and VSI TSVN Toolkit


I saw this happen in other circumstances, but can't remember what I did back then.



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Can you try doing a mass compile of the VSI TSN Toolkit directory? I would also be interested in seeing if a reinstall of that toolkit causes this to go away.




Jeff Peacock 


Product Support Engineer | LabVIEW R&D | National Instruments 

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Hello Jeff,


I did a mass compile of the VSI TSVN Toolkit directory. There are two Bad VIs (see attachment "20131216_VSI TSVN Toolbar.txt").


After that I tired a "Save As ..." from project explorer. The "Save As" dialog appears. After a few seconds a loading dialog for "" appears. Luckily the "Save As .." dialog stays in front and can be accepted or canceled.

This loading dialog came up twice out of six tries. So I don't know if this can be called reproducible. But LV did not hang.


Then I uninstalled and reinstalled the toolkit. The behavior did not change. The dialog appears in two out of many tries.



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I may have an easier method to reproduce.


Launch a dialog vi via ACBR Fire and forget.

Forget to drop an Open FP method on your dialog.  (Of course this means that you have some silly dialog running without its FP Open which is not really what you want to doSmiley Embarassed)


Try to open the dialog from the project you will get this little reminder that you did something silly



20 minutes later I have 294 vis loaded.  slowly

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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Mass Compile on <Resource>Framework\Providers\API seems to solve the issue.


Thanks for the tip Mr. Peacock

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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Just as an update - we have been working with Viewpoint and think we may have determined the root cause of this. We will continue to update this thread as we get more information.




Jeff Peacock 


Product Support Engineer | LabVIEW R&D | National Instruments 

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